Catherine Sandler Webinars
  • Initiated in response to the pandemic, Catherine now offers a range of two-hour webinars for participants from all over the world.
  • These sessions are designed for coaches and related professionals who would like to learn more about Sandler Consulting’s coaching techniques, in particular Catherine’s psychodynamic approach.
  • Groups are kept intentionally small in order to provide a highly interactive event with opportunities for participants to ask questions, join in discussion and share client examples of their own.
  • Regular webinar topics include:
    • Introduction to the psychodynamic approach to executive coaching
    • Advanced exploration of the psychodynamic approach, illustrated with client cases
    • The Emotional Profiles Triangle, a model that Catherine has developed which explores why leaders react to stress and how they can be helped to manage themselves and behave more skilfully under pressure
    • Presentation by Catherine of one or two in-depth case-studies drawn from her coaching practice
  • Future topics will include:
    • Influencing Styles – how to help clients gain insight and widen their repertoire of influencing skills
    • Managing transition – helping clients to understand the emotional impact of change at work and how to lead others through it
    • Bullying at work
    • A bespoke session designed for HR, Learning & Development & Talent professionals in which Catherine and other Sandler Consulting coaches respond to questions and offer advice on problems relating to people and leadership issues
  • Please see our LinkedIn page for details and dates of these events as they are scheduled.
  • Recent webinar participants commented:

"Another wonderful opportunity to benefit from Catherine’s wealth of experience, and to see her ‘in action’ during a live coaching demonstration. Thanks also for providing a forum for like-minded coaches to get together virtually and share insights and experiences."

"It was fantastic to learn more about Catherine’s approach to psychodynamic coaching, after reading her book. I felt like I was in ‘safe hands’ with someone with a breadth and depth of coaching experience, and Catherine was clear and insightful in the way that she brought the concepts to life."

"As a new coach I found Catherine’s EPT webinar and book "Executive Coaching" invaluable in jump starting my practice."

"I like the way Catherine Sandler explains such a complicated theory. She made it accessible for everyone. It's great to know that the psychoanalytic knowledge can also be helpful for coaching clients and organisations."

"A really excellent webinar, a fantastic opportunity to learn about using the psychodynamic approach in coaching. It's inspired me to use this approach more in my work."

"This hit the spot for me after a year of fairly flabby webinar content. There was enough in it to make me think, want to read more and expanded upon existing Personality Type understanding."

"Catherine has the subtle knack of taking the profoundly complex ideas of psychodynamic coaching and bringing them to life. For coaching practitioners who make use of these concepts in their work with leaders and their teams, having an opportunity to spend time with her is always enlightening and enriching."

"I enjoyed the whole presentation – but especially the discussion of the case material (both Catherine’s and others) and the helpful tips towards the end. Two hours seemed to fly and we easily could have gone on for another 30 minutes!"

"I really enjoyed the webinar. It gave me a space to reflect on my own practice whilst seeing things through the lenses of other coaches. With each webinar I attend I come away with some new thoughts and perspectives that I can use to enhance my own coaching."

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