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Communications Coaching - Our Specialist
  • Our specialist communications coach, Ailsa Gudgeon, is one of the secrets of our success.
  • Highly-experienced, warm and affirming in her approach, she helps clients transform their impact and authority in a variety of work settings, whether individual discussions, small groups, senior forums, interviews or large-scale presentations.
  • Ailsa also works with clients who feel uncomfortable when networking and in professional social settings. She helps them learn strategies for approaching groups with confidence and creating a positive impression when interacting one-to-one.
  • Ailsa provides specialist support for clients on our executive coaching programmes where a communication, voice or body language issue has been identified, typically for one to three sessions.
  • Alternatively, Ailsa provides stand-alone, customised coaching programmes where communication is the main developmental need.
  • Ailsa also leads our intensive one-day communications programme, Commanding the Room.
  • In all settings, Ailsa uses a customised range of practical techniques to help coachees to:
    • Manage stress or anxiety
    • Generate clear, well-structured, compelling content focused on the needs of their audience
    • Develop gravitas and presence
    • Master an energetic, well-paced, highly-engaging and influential delivery style
    • Overcome performance anxiety
    • Address specific voice or body issues, including breathing, postural tension and hard-to-understand accents
    • Build confidence and self-belief
  • For more information about Communication Coaching with Ailsa, please contact us.
  • Ailsa, I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for our last session. It has made such a difference. I feel more in control, not just about public speaking, but in all aspects of my life. The abdominal breathing has been revolutionary.

    Senior Partner
  • The coaching with Ailsa was mind opening for me as it helped me to link my body language and breathing to the pace of my speech. Chunking the words and sentences, is something I’ll continue to ensure impact with any audience. Ailsa is an incredibly experienced, talented and agile coach. I can only recommend her and thank her immensely for the insights and advice she has provided.

    Finance Director
  • The model that you worked through with me has made a real and lasting impact on how I prepare for presentations. It’s deceptively simple but also sophisticated. I feel so much more confident about how I best get across the critical messages I need to convey.

    Senior Manager
  • Following a run of disheartening interview experiences, three sessions with Ailsa transformed my approach to preparing my answers, my body and my mind. They gave me the confidence and delivery skills to secure the role I wanted, where I am sure the communication training will continue to prove invaluable on a day to day basis. 

  • Ailsa, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent coaching session yesterday. Your analysis and energy was fantastic and extremely helpful to me. It's rare to feel that three hours are so well spent.

    Marketing Partner
  • I think Ailsa is great. I really like working with her and feel I am being challenged and learning a great deal about improving my leadership impact.

  • Just wanted to thank you for the coaching session this morning. Talking through the bigger picture released some thoughts and emotions…you were able to bring a different perspective on the challenge of delivering the difficult message to the team. I have had some very good feedback.

    Retail Manager
  • Thanks so much for your input, Ailsa...the presentation went really well and I am so delighted to have delivered it successfully. It has really given me confidence to face the challenge of public speaking on a regular basis.

    HR Director
  • Working with Ailsa was invaluable, she helped me refine my natural style to maximise my impact in a variety of different situations.

    Senior Manager
  • Having prepared my big speech with Ailsa, rehearsing it and using the right language, removed some of the emotion from the subject and enabled me to deliver it in an authentic and personal style but with professionalism and authority.  I have applied the learnings to other scenarios and my boss now sees me as a determined person who is clear about what I want.

    Marketing Director
  • Working with Ailsa enabled me to…transform my presentation of a difficult message, providing me with the tools to control my emotions and to make the delivery match the high level of content.

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