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Forthcoming Events:

Webinars with Catherine Sandler: ‘A Psychodynamic Approach to Executive Coaching’ and related topics

Initiated in response to the pandemic, Catherine now offers a range of two-hour webinars for participants from all over the world. These sessions are designed for coaches and related professionals who would like to learn more about Sandler Consulting’s coaching techniques, in particular Catherine’s psychodynamic approach.

Please see our Webinars page for further information and our LinkedIn page for details and dates of these events as they are scheduled.

Recent webinar participants commented:

"This hit the spot for me after a year of fairly flabby webinar content. There was enough in it to make me think, want to read more and expanded upon existing Personality Type understanding."

"Catherine has the subtle knack of taking the profoundly complex ideas of psychodynamic coaching and bringing them to life. For coaching practitioners who make use of these concepts in their work with leaders and their teams, having an opportunity to spend time with her is always enlightening and enriching."

"I enjoyed the whole presentation – but especially the discussion of the case material (both Catherine’s and others) and the helpful tips towards the end. Two hours seemed to fly and we easily could have gone on for another 30 minutes!"


Past Events have included:

A Psychodynamic Approach to Executive Coaching - CoachMe Network
Online, 24th May 2022

Catherine was invited to present an interactive session for CoachMe, a community of coaches predominantly in the Middle East, focusing on two aspects of the psychodynamic approach to executive coaching - the conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings that influence our coaching clients and their leadership style; and practical tips and techniques for helping coachees feel safe enough to open up at a first meeting. Catherine also described her coaching strategies for helping clients with longstanding but unhelpful behaviour patterns to achieve positive, sustainable change.

Teaching in Denmark
Copenhagen, Nyborg, Aarhus, 17 & 19 May 2022

Catherine continued with her popular one-day workshops, linked to her book on executive coaching, for groups of senior psychologists in their second year of a Master's Programme in Organisational Consultancy.

Accelerating Careers – with Nick Carman
Podcast, 27th April 2022

Catherine had the pleasure of being a guest speaker on Nick Carman’s ‘Accelerating Careers’ podcast which has been running for over two years and has thousands of followers, particularly in the real estate sector. In the podcast she offers a wide range of top tips for accelerating development and winning promotion for both men and women at different stages of their careers, drawing on over 25 years of experience as a leading executive coach. Listen here on Apple or here on Spotify.

Coaching conversations with Rachel Goodwin
Podcast, 2022

Rachel, one of our senior coaches, has created a series of highly informative and entertaining podcasts on her Wordwise Coaching platform. In the podcasts Rachel has conversations with coaching colleagues and experts covering topics often encountered in executive coaching such as Having Difficult Conversations, Mindfulness and Managing Your Career. They have proved hugely popular and thought-provoking and we highly recommend putting these on your ‘to listen’ list! Listen here

Work From Anywhere Virtual Conference, 1E
‘Managing Highly Performing Teams’, 29th July 2020

At this event Catherine’s role was as an expert on the people dimension of managing virtual teams. She took part in a Q & A session, hosted by 1E’s Chief People Officer Nick Bartlett, which offered senior leaders and managers in the IT sector participants the chance to share their people-related challenges and ask advice about handling specific situations. The issues that emerged have relevance to any sector wrestling with the challenges of remote working. Engagement in this session was particularly high and the feedback positive, reflecting the wish in the minds of many CIOs and CTOs to make ‘working with humans’ as successful as possible. Click here to view the session.

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‘Coaching Uncaged’ Series, Animas Centre for Coaching
Online, 12th June 2020

In this video Catherine is interviewed by Animas Director Robert Stephenson about her psychodynamic approach to executive coaching.

During the conversation, Catherine shares her experience of coaching business leaders for 25 years and her journey to the work that she is doing now. She explains how she draws on a psychodynamic perspective, among others, and the benefits of applying this model in her practice. She also describes the shifts that she has seen around how organisations relate to executive coaching over time. Catherine illustrates her points with (anonymised) examples from past coaching clients and highlights the importance of unconscious emotions as ‘invisible drivers’ of our ingrained patterns of thoughts, attitudes and behaviour. She describes how all coaches can use elements of the psychodynamic approach to help their clients overcome longstanding obstacles and transform their leadership impact.

‘Coaching at Work’ Masterclass
London, 25th February 2020

Catherine ran a one-day event as part of ‘Coaching at Work’ magazine’s acclaimed series of masterclasses. Click here for flyer.

Live Coaching Demo
Association for Coaching, 15th July 2019

Catherine undertook a Live Coaching Demo on-line, with a volunteer client she had not met before. This offered AC members the opportunity to watch executive coaching in real-time and, following the session, to ask questions and share their feedback. This session can be viewed by joining the AC which is open to all coaches.

Keynote Speech on Executive Coaching
Welsh Coaching Conference, Cardiff, 13th March 2019

This annual coaching event, one of the largest in the UK, attracts particularly high numbers of coaches working with the public sector such as the police and NHS. Catherine used case-studies from her practice to present her model, the Emotional Profiles Triangle™, and explain how it can be used to understand and coach clients who are struggling to manage their behaviour under pressure.

Coach Training Programmes in China
Beijing and Shanghai, 2016 – 2019

Catherine has taught several coaching training programmes and spoken at leading business schools in Beijing and Shanghai since her book was translated into Mandarin in 2016. She runs five-day events for large groups of students including coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, family business members and executives from multinationals and state-owned enterprises.

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See below for pictures of the students and Catherine’s book launch which took place at a major coaching conference in Beijing.

Masterclass on Executive Coaching
London, 17th October 2019

This event was the latest in the series of workshops which Catherine Sandler has run since 2012. They are linked to her book. Executive Coaching: A Psychodynamic Approach (McGraw-Hill 2011) and are designed for coaches and related professionals interested in learning more about Sandler Consulting’s approach and its practical application to client work. See Coaching Masterclass for more information.

Teaching in Denmark
Copenhagen, Nyborg, Aarhus, 2014 - 2018

Catherine ran these one-day sessions linked to her book on executive coaching for groups of senior psychologists in their second year of a Master's Programme in Organisational Consultancy.

BBC Coaching Network
London, 26th February 2015

Catherine ran a half-day workshop for internal BBC coaches on ‘Coaching below the surface: understanding hidden emotions, enabling behavioural change’.

Women in Wireless event
London, 21st May 2014

Catherine spoke to over 100 women working in the digital industry on 'Accelerating your career: developing confidence, impact and influence'.

Women in Science Network, Medical Research Council
London, 20th May 2014

Catherine spoke to a group of senior female research scientists on 'Women and Leadership'.

CIPD HRD Learning & Development Conference
London, 25th April 2013

Catherine spoke as part of a panel of experts on 'Senior female leadership impact: how should female talent be developed for executive roles?' at this flagship CIPD event for HR and Learning & Development professionals.

CIPD Conference on ‘Coaching for Business Performance’
London, 26th September 2012

Catherine chaired this event attended by nearly 100 coaches and HR professionals.

EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) Symposia 'Mapping the Mind',
London & Manchester, 6th & 15th March 2012

Catherine presented keynote sessions on 'Executive coaching: A psychodynamic approach' at these two events. Click here for delegate feedback.

CIPD HRD 2010 Conference
London, 21st April 2010

Catherine presented 'Transforming leadership behaviour' at this flagship CIPD event for HR and Learning & Development professionals.

John Lewis Partnership's Council Meeting
London, 20th January 2010

Catherine was invited to present a session on 'The emotional impact of change’.

Multi-disciplinary Conference for HR professionals
London, 12th October 2010

Catherine presented a keynote session at this event entitled 'When working relationships break down: prevention & cure'.

INSEAD Global Leadership Centre (IGLC) Symposium on Coaching
Paris, 16th October 2009

Catherine presented a keynote speech on 'Coaching supervision in practice’.

CIPD Conference on Coaching
London, 25th November 2008

Catherine was a keynote speaker on 'The importance and role of coaching supervision'.

INSEAD Global Leadership Centre (IGLC) Conference, ‘Coaching Best Practice’
Paris, 24th-26th April 2008

Catherine presented a session on ‘Engaging with a complex client’ at this event.

HEC Paris & Saïd Business School
Oxford University, 31st January 2008

Catherine was Visiting Faculty on this joint programme and led a one-day session on 'Executive coaching in practice'.

Ernst & Young, Forum for Executive Coaches
London, 12th September 2007

Catherine was invited to present at this event for internal EY coaches.

APECS (Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision)
London, 11th September 2007

With Julia Jameson, HR, Ernst & Young UK, Catherine presented 'Establishing the Ernst & Young executive coaching register'.

INSEAD Global Leadership Centre, 'Consulting & Coaching for Change’
Paris, 7th June 2007

As Visiting Faculty, Catherine ran an all-day session on ‘Executive coaching’ on this flagship programme.

Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) Conference
Vancouver, 19th – 20th May 2007

Catherine ran a live coaching session with a client from the local business community.

  • The content of the program was about the problems that I’m facing now.  The core content really benefitted me, I learned a lot, and found blind spots that were neglected in my work.

    Participant at Catherine's 5-day programme in Beijing
  • Catherine has presented the Sandler Emotional Profiles Triangle™ at several recent conferences and client events.  This original model identifies three specific ways in which leaders struggle to manage their own emotions and behavior under pressure – and what they can do to improve.

  • Friendly teaching style, Catherine is a great role model…I liked both the theory and practice, especially the coaching 'demos'.

    Course participant, Beijing
  • In the feedback for Catherine's recent session on 'Changing Leadership Behaviour' at the CIPD HRD Conference, she was rated extremely or very effective by 91% of delegates.

  • Catherine's presentation was authoritative, interesting, accessible – someone I could have listened to and engaged with for far longer; she knew her subject matter inside out and it showed.

    Audience member at EMCC Conference
  • Excellent balance between inputs from Catherine and shared contribution from workshop participants.  A real mix of people with varying levels of experience, sector, backgrounds - highly stimulating as a result. Catherine’s exploration of the usefulness of the psychodynamic approach to help “stuck clients” was particularly helpful.

    Masterclass participant
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