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  • Catherine combines sensitivity with clarity and straightforwardness - a winning combination! Her ability to absorb information, culture, issues and individuals' needs is exceptional and I have been continuously amazed at her grasp of company matters.

    Human Resources Director
  • My coaching sessions with Jani have been invaluable and I wish that I could have had them earlier in my working life. They provided an opportunity to reflect on all aspects of my work, and focus on managing my career. Jani was very skilled at helping me navigate difficult situations and deal with challenging working relationships.

    Senior Partner
  • In working with the Board, Catherine gained our confidence quietly and quickly through wonderfully understated insight and perception. Remarkable ability to see through a messy picture and shed real light.

  • Ed has been a leadership coach for one of our board directors. Not only has he transformed the performance of the individual but he has won the respect of the CEO for his transparency, integrity and commercial approach.

    HR Director
  • Our Senior Executive Group now demonstrate much greater effectiveness as a consequence of the development workshops they have been through with Sandler Consulting, while individual coaching has strengthened their self-confidence and ability to lead others.

    Retail Operations Director
  • The coaching that Ed gave me has really paid off. It has delivered tangible and noticeable results that have made a positive impact in my day to day work. I have regained my energy and confidence and look forward to the journey ahead.

    Principal Partner
  • Rachel bought to our conversations an external perspective to my company which was vital. In addition to that, she bought a vast amount of understanding and experience. All of this she wrapped up with great skill and fantastic humour.

    Department Head
  • Ailsa, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent coaching session yesterday. Your analysis, energy and practical help was fantastic and extremely helpful to me. It's rare to feel that three hours are so well spent.

    Marketing Director
  • The Sandler team's success in the coaching of our executives is based on a practical and pragmatic approach, supported by exceptional psychological expertise.

    Director of Organisation Development
  • Jani challenges me to come up with my own answers and strategies. This is not fuzzy stuff. After exploring the big picture, she always comes back to the black and white reality of the situation and helps me identify tangible steps to make improvements happen.

    Finance Director
  • Rachel grasped each situation quickly and always honed in on the right issue. She is insightful, practical and empathetic. The impact of working with her was immediate.

    Managing Director
  • Working with Sarah has had a major impact on my working practices, on how I view myself, my work, my performance, my colleagues and how I interact with them, and the performance of my team. I cannot overstate the positive impact this has had.

    Head of Business Development
  • The work Sarah did with our team on Executing Strategy in Complexity blew me away. She helped us realise and articulate what we unconsciously knew but could not consciously or coherently land on.

    Managing Director
  • We have been tremendously fortunate to link up with people such as yourselves who have built an understanding of our business which has made the rapport something quite special.

    Global Talent Management Director