Team Coaching:
Our Approach

  • High-performing teams, along with excellent leaders, are increasingly seen as the key to success. This is true at all levels, though Boards and Executive Committees play a particularly critical role in business performance. Yet building and maintaining such teams is difficult to achieve.
  • Teamwork inevitably generates complex group dynamics. Dominating or weak leadership, interpersonal tensions, political alliances, personal or departmental rivalries or ‘difficult’ individuals can all undermine trust and hamper the effectiveness of even the cleverest and most determined teams.
  • We help Boards and leadership teams to address these problems. This can be through team coaching alone or combined with individual coaching.
  • We have an excellent track record of delivering tangible and lasting improvements in team behaviour. Our approach is customised and we draw on a combination of different models and tools to help teams elevate performance, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), Lencioni’s ‘Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ and 360 degree feedback.
  • Typical coaching situations include:
    • Teams with a new leader who wishes to change team culture and behaviours
    • Teams whose functioning is marred by interpersonal conflicts or tensions
    • Team members working in 'silos' rather than as a collective leadership
    • Longstanding teams which have become uncreative, low-energy or too 'cosy'
    • New or project-based teams that need to accelerate their performance to achieve a critical organisational task
    • Virtual teams where geographical dispersal presents special challenges
  • We also specialise in Action Learning. This powerful and highly-effective problem-solving methodology focuses on skilful questioning to promote creativity and breakthrough thinking. It enables real-time business issues to be addressed and resolved while simultaneously transforming individual and team behaviour.
  • For more information on our approach to team coaching, please contact us.
  • Catherine and her team's methodology - particularly working through personality type - has helped to build a cohesive senior team in the Division...their work is now being extended to the Group Board.

  • Ed has provided invaluable support to my senior team and helped it to become more collaborative and cohesive. He has great coaching and corporate experience and brings a very practical approach to the process.

    Associate Dean
  • As a result of the coaching, my team members now display a greater ability to make a real difference beyond the specific confines of their immediate responsibilities.

    Sales Director
  • All my thanks Catherine for guiding us through a fantastic process as a team...we have come a long way in the last 18 months and couldn't have done it without you!

    Senior Buying Team
  • I found Sarah’s approach and knowledge to be outstanding. She was able to show me tools and different ways of looking at our challenges that were eye opening.

    Senior Manage
  • Ed is a super skillful Action Learning coach. He is very perceptive and observant and whenever he made an intervention, it was always to help improve the way the group was working and performing. My one big takeaway was the power of open questions. I’m already making far more use of this in my work and seeing how this is making a big difference in the way that I lead.

    Operations Manager
  • In working with the Board, Catherine gained our confidence quietly and quickly through a wonderful understated insight and perception. Remarkable ability to see through a messy picture and shed real light.

  • During my recent participation in an Action Learning session I was struck by the simplicity, elegance and impact of the process. Not only did we come up with creative actions to solve a really important and pressing business problem, but the approach also accelerated greater collaboration between team members. We will be doing more of this!

    Group Administration Officer
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