Typical Coaching Goals

  • These vary widely but many of our clients seek to use executive coaching to achieve the following:
    • Stronger leadership presence – more confidence, more authority, greater comfort operating at senior levels
    • A shift from operational to strategic leadership
    • Enhanced emotional intelligence – self-awareness, self-management, empathy and relationship-building
    • Improved interpersonal skills – coaching, influencing, motivating, communicating, inspiring, handling conflict and more
    • Managing complex relationships; managing upwards.
    • Team-building skills - coaching, effective delegation, performance-management
    • Leading and managing change
    • Better networking and business development skills
    • Stress-management, increased resilience and wellbeing
    • Career planning and refocus
  • Ed is insightful, empathetic and supportive, able to see the organisation’s and the individual's view. The coaching was a very positive experience at a time of transition. It helped me to hand over to my successor and build on my new role.

  • I have worked with Catherine for several years, both intensively and when issues have arisen.  I most appreciate the insights she brings to my own style and character.  She also offers thoughtful advice and spurs me to action. I take away something valuable from each discussion. There is no doubt that I am a better leader due to her coaching.

    Strategy Director
  • The investment in coaching with Catherine has paid for itself many times over. I can highly recommend working with Sandler Consulting from both a self-development and a bottom line results basis.

  • Every session with Jani is constructive and insightful. I have better relationships and make a stronger impact in my organisation. The progress is noticeable by myself and my colleagues in very specific ways.

  • Working with Ed has been instrumental in my professional development. He is perceptive, measured and thorough and a master at subtly guiding you towards increased self-awareness and then working with you to identify and apply the necessary behavioural changes.

    Client Operations Director
  • Rachel had an extraordinary capacity to digest my business case and help me to simplify the core messages. She built my confidence around my personal style and gave me clear, consistent and objective feedback on how to improve in key areas. Each session was well structured with clear objectives.

    Senior Executive
  • I first met Rachel when I faced a crossroads in my career. I had been a successful senior partner for ten years, but had encountered some professional and personal difficulties. The coaching helped me explore more effective, thoughtful and sustainable behaviour which has led to a great deal of success with my clients and dramatically improved my sense of wellbeing.

    Senior Partner
  • Sarah was a fantastic coach. She had a very open, transparent and understandable approach. She opened my thinking more broadly in terms of what kind of leader I wanted to be and what my values were. At the end of the coaching the feedback I received from others showed significant positive changes that had been received well.

    Senior Director
  • The work Sarah did with our team on Executing Strategy in Complexity blew me away. She helped us realise and articulate what we unconsciously knew but could not consciously or coherently land on.

    Managing Director
  • I found the 360 degree feedback survey incredibly revealing. My coach helped me interpret the data to understand the impact of my own behaviour on colleagues, bosses and subordinates. This has directly influenced the approach I now take to different work situations.

  • We have been tremendously fortunate to link up with people such as yourselves who have built an understanding of our business which has made the rapport something quite special.

    Global Talent Management Director
  • After close to 20 years in professional services I have to say the coaching I received from Catherine was a fundamental turning point in my perspective and management approach. I cannot speak highly enough of the impact she had. Tough, but absolutely worth the time and effort.

    Finance Director
  • Catherine and the team of coaches have brought a highly effective development approach to the operational heads of businesses. This included a customised 360 process designed to help the development of the individual in the context of business planning strategies.

    Divisional HR Director
  • Jani's ability to unpick and analyse an obstacle into a series of manageable steps has helped me make great progress in a short space of time. I have achieved tangible results.

    Head of Strategic Projects
  • Yesterday I was promoted to the position of Global President and COO of WD-40 Company. I just wanted to say a huge “thank you” to you for all your support and encouragement in helping me get there. You have had such a major influence in making me more effective and I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you.

    Global President & COO
  • Relx
  • Alix Partners
  • citadel
  • US Rowing
  • Google
  • Channel 4
  • Triton
  • Unilever
  • Elsevier
  • AB World Foods
  • EDF