Sarah Smith

Sarah is an internationally experienced and qualified executive coach who works with senior and director level leaders across sectors. With over 20 years’ experience in developing individual leaders and leadership teams, Sarah has worked with a wide variety of organisations in the private, corporate and public sectors including defence, life sciences, legal, media, retail and housing. Her executive coaching clients have come from organisations such as Warner Bros, Sony, Rocksteady, Rolls Royce, Johnson & Johnson, LGC Group, L&Q, Countryside Properties, the MoD, Defra, the Fire and Rescue Service, the Cabinet Office and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors amongst others. Alongside Sarah’s work as an executive coach she designs and delivers Executive Education and Development Programmes. She is actively engaged in research and is a regular contributor at industry events speaking on topics such as Executing Strategy in Complexity, Emotional Resilience and Wisdom, she is also a Contributing Editor at The Oxford Review.

Prior to moving into consultancy Sarah held learning and organisational development leadership roles in Sainsbury’s and was Deputy Head of Professional Development at Cranfield University where she had responsibility for management and leadership development across the University. Sarah continues to work with Cranfield University as a course coach and visiting lecturer in areas such as leadership development, Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence. She also teaches at Roehampton University, sharing her experience in applying psychological concepts in a business environment. Sarah has a MSc in Positive Psychology, a Diploma in Performance Coaching and a BA (Hons) in Education. She is qualified in a range of psychometrics including EQi 2.0 (Level B, MHS), SDI (Personal Strengths Ltd), Hogan Leadership Forecast Series, and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (OPP). She is also a practitioner of Human Structural Dynamics (Kantor Institute), Critical Systems Thinking, and a Master Practitioner and Master Trainer of NLP.

Sarah brings all of her experience into her coaching work with clients, supporting deeper level change as well as the development of new skills and knowledge. Sarah’s area of expertise and research interest is wisdom, and she brings a philosophical and deeply relational way of understanding the challenges of being human into her work with her clients. Clients leave with increased self-awareness, insight and understanding of others. She is responsive and adaptive to the needs of individuals. She will also not shy away from addressing the zone of difficult debate, placing a high priority on creating a supportive and challenging space within which the needs of each person and the wider organisation can be met. It is making a real difference to individuals, teams and organisations that motivates her. Sarah consistently produces exceptional results for her clients.

Sarah’s coaching clients have commented that:

"I found Sarah’s approach and knowledge to be outstanding. She was able to show me tools and different ways of looking at our challenges that were eye opening."

"With her highly developed expertise, Sarah has been the powerhouse of my recent development. She has amazing intuition on how and where to drive the discussion."

"Coaching with Sarah was an amazing experience. She guided me through peaks and troughs of my current work/life and enabled me to reflect on 15 years of historical work/life. She was able to articulate what I was feeling or attempting to say into a mature and sound explanation or point of view. I exceeded my initial goal, Sarah made me look beyond this. She gave me the courage to make massive positive change."

"Working with Sarah has had a major impact on my working practices, on how I view myself, my work, my performance, my colleagues and how I interact with them, and the performance of my team. I cannot overstate the positive impact this has had."

"Sarah was a fantastic coach. She was engaged to help me with some feedback I had been given in a performance review. She had a very open, transparent and understandable approach. She helped me to take an objective look at the feedback and to translate that into actionable changes, which she then supported me with. In addition, she opened my thinking more broadly in terms of what kind of leader I wanted to be and what my values were. At the end of the coaching the feedback I received from others showed significant positive changes that had been received well."

"The work Sarah did with our team on Executing Strategy in Complexity blew me away. She helped us realise and articulate what we unconsciously knew but could not consciously or coherently land on."

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