Jani Rubery

Jani has been an expert in leadership coaching and international consultancy since 1989. She is involved in organisational and executive development at a senior level within a wide range of businesses worldwide. She has worked in multiple sectors including private equity, banking, law, accountancy, retail, property development, pharmaceutical, advertising, charity and international conglomerates. For over 20 years Jani coached groups at London Business School.

Prior to becoming a consultant and coach, Jani worked in Human Resources. She has dual American/British nationality and obtained her first degree in the US. She obtained a second degree in Psychology from the OU and a Masters in Organisational Behaviour from Birkbeck, University of London.

Jani has extensive experience in using a range of individual and team developmental instruments, including 360 degree feedback, Belbin, and the WIS motivational profile. She is also an accredited Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), TMS, EQ-i 2 and NEO practitioner. Jani is also a qualified practitioner of the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment tool, a professional grade heart monitor that measures stress, recovery, quality of sleep and fitness levels. She uses the data it provides to help clients identify and implement lifestyle changes where needed.

The combination of Jani’s seniority as a coach, her organisational expertise and her psychological knowledge enables her to help clients stretch and develop their leadership capability. Jani is flexible in her approach, drawing on a variety of methodologies as needed, as each client’s situation and coaching goals are unique. She encourages her clients to explore and leverage their strengths as well as discovering how to extend their leadership effectiveness in areas where it may be lacking. This involves clients deepening their self-awareness, addressing blind-spots and increasing their skill set while retaining their authenticity. Jani’s style is notably warm and empathic, combined with the ability to challenge and guide her clients as needed.

Coaching talented individuals in their transition to senior leadership, including board roles, has become a specialist area for Jani. She has helped clients to widen their behavioural repertoire while addressing demanding internal and external challenges. In many cases their businesses are going through crucial transitions or periods of rapid organisational change. Through Jani’s coaching they increase their strategic influence, improve their self-management under pressure and the management of their teams, and hone their political and interpersonal skills.

Jani also specialises in working with senior and high-potential women, helping them to develop their confidence and authority, often within traditionally male business environments. She co-leads Sandler Consulting’s Talented Women’s Impact Programme which she regularly delivers in-house to a range of organisations.

Jani has worked with clients including Argent (Property Development), AXA Insurance, Baker & McKenzie, Barclays, British Land, Capgemini, Coutts Group, John Lewis, Kingsley Napley, Land Securities, Mudano, Nestle, Ophir Oil, PwC, RNLI, Salvation Army, Save the Children UK, TFL, UBS, Unilever, Vision Capital, Waitrose, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, WPP and WWF.

Jani’s coaching clients have commented that:

"My leadership effectiveness has changed dramatically since working with Jani, which has been noticed by my team, line manager and peers. I’ve been promoted twice and have lead a declining area of our business into growth."

"Jani’s coaching has been life-changing. It has brought a consciousness to my skills and style and challenged me about how to bring the best out in myself and therefore my organisation."

"Jani was challenging, thought-provoking and supportive. Her in-depth knowledge of business, how organisations work and people know-how make her a great coach to work with."

"My coaching sessions with Jani have been invaluable and I wish that I could have had them much earlier in my working life."

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