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The Team

  • Sandler Consulting has a core team of long-established and successful coaches. Each coach has been carefully hand-picked for the experience and skill that they bring to the field.
  • We are frequently able to deliver extra value to our clients through working as a team. When two or more of us are engaged in coaching within the same business, we often discover that common themes emerge. While protecting client confidentiality, which is at the heart of our approach, we have developed a method of feeding back to the business those themes that reflect organisational and systemic issues.
  • We invest time in exchanging ideas and techniques. By regularly reviewing our work, we ensure that our practice remains at the 'cutting edge' of the executive coaching field. We are also committed to continued professional development and attend a wide variety of programmes, workshops and conferences each year.
  • An important aspect of our practice is the use of coaching supervision - the regular, confidential discussion of coaching cases with another senior professional in the field. This process is at the heart of good practice in all the helping professions (though it is only gradually becoming established within the coaching arena). We believe that supervision is essential as it provides an important form of quality control for clients. The identity of the client and their business is treated entirely confidentially in supervision.
  • For more information about our coaches, please click on their names or photos.

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