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    • Understanding more fully my 'F' preference and how this transmits and affects my behaviours and communication has been extremely helpful.
    • Marketing Manager
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Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)

  • This world-class and long-established personality instrument is one of the fastest and most helpful routes to increased awareness of self and others. We make considerable use of it when coaching individuals and teams.
  • MBTI® focuses on individual differences in four key areas of mental functioning and is especially helpful in understanding different working styles in the areas of communication, relationships, decision-making and self-organisation.
  • We believe that an in-depth grasp of one's own personality type can produce powerful results for the individual, informing the work of the coaching process. In teams, MBTI® leads to striking insights into colleagues' behaviour and provides an invaluable 'common language' which can underpin and reinforce new ways of interacting.
  • When using MBTI® with teams and during leadership development workshops we use interactive exercises to bring the model to life. Our clients tell us that these exercises are among the most valuable and memorable components of such events.
  • Every Sandler Consulting coach is not only an accredited MBTI® practitioner but also highly-experienced in its use, in some cases stretching back over a decade. This is a model which is widely used in business but rarely applied with the depth of understanding or follow-through needed to leverage its true potential. We pride ourselves on the excellence of our practice in this area.
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