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Executive Coaching


How do I know if the coach is right for me?

The coaching process starts with an initial consultation with your coach to see whether you would like to work together. It is very important that the 'chemistry' between you and your coach is right. You need to feel rapport with your coach and experience them as someone whose professionalism and abilities you respect. If you do not feel comfortable, you should ask to meet a different coach.

For the coaching to deliver maximum benefit, it is also vital that you bring, or quickly develop, a genuine commitment to the learning and the hard work that the process involves. Your 'buy-in' - at both an intellectual and emotional level - is an essential basis for success.

Are my line-manager and other stakeholder involved in the coaching process?

While executive coaching concentrates on work with you as an individual leader, we are committed to engaging and involving key stakeholders in your business in the coaching process. We work closely with you to establish the best way to seek the input and support of your line-manager and other key sponsors.

All such contact is designed to support you and your business in gaining as much as possible from the coaching process and is planned and agreed with you in advance. We have considerable experience in sensitively generating a quality of stakeholder engagement that delivers significant added value to your and your organisation.

How are coaching objectives agreed?

Objectives for the coaching are discussed at the very outset of the work. These are refined and clarified in the early stages of the process in conjunction with you and relevant sponsors and stakeholders. They are then kept under joint review and modified over time as appropriate. Coaching objectives are usually expressed in terms of behavioural and attitudinal changes which deliver results for the individual and their organisation.

We will work with you to define coaching outcomes that are clearly observable and/or measurable and that relate to both individual and organisational performance.

What developmental tools are used?

The process of joint exploration may include the use of a number of well-established and highly-respected psychometric instruments, in particular the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) model which is extremely useful in highlighting your preferred leadership and communication style and natural areas of strength/development need.

Among other models we may use are Influencing Styles Questionnaire, FIRO-B interpersonal behaviour indicator, Work Interests Schedule and Career Anchors (the last two provide profiles of your key motivators at work).

In many cases, a 360 degree feedback process is also very useful as this establishes how you are perceived by senior colleagues, peers, direct reports and others. This is often a very affirming process and helps you and your coach to have a clear sense of your strengths as well as your development areas.

How long is a typical coaching programme?

Coaching programmes usually last for 6, 9 or 12 months. Experience has shown that this works well for most people and should enable you to move forward successfully in terms of your issues and development. Having said this, it is not unusual for coaching arrangements to be renewed if it is felt to be helpful by all parties. A small proportion of very senior individuals choose to have coaching on an open-ended basis and we have worked with several leaders over a period of years rather than months.

How long are the coaching sessions?

Sessions vary from 1½ hours to half a day, depending on what works best for you. Most sessions last for 2 hours.

How often will we meet?

Frequency of sessions will vary according to your needs and circumstances. It is important that momentum is maintained in the coaching process so we would usually suggest that meetings take place at least every 3 to 4 weeks, especially in the first months of work.

Where do coaching sessions take place?

Sessions take place at the coach's office in central London, usually at the Sandler Consulting premises in Marylebone NW1. We believe that coaching works best when you come out of your usual office environment. Experience has shown us that the 'psychological space' provided by an off-site, neutral setting makes a very positive contribution to the value gained from the coaching. 3-way meetings with your line-manager or HR may take place at your office or the coach's office.

Will I be in contact with my coach outside sessions?

Your coach is available for telephone and e-mail contact between sessions. This forms an important and valuable part of the coaching process as it provides an opportunity for you to keep the coach updated and to benefit from the coach's input if particular issues or situations arise.

Is telephone coaching possible?

Although this can work well, for example where the client is based abroad, generally speaking face-to-face work has been shown to be most effective. However, it is entirely possible for an occasional session to take place by telephone, once you and the coach have established a good working relationship.

What about confidentiality?

From the moment you and your coach meet for an initial consultation, the process is entirely confidential. The coach will not report back any information or opinions to your line-manager, HR manager or anyone else in your organisation without your knowledge and permission.

Similarly, if you undertake a 360 degree feedback process, your coach will arrange the processing of the data by an external independent agency. The 360 reports are then sent straight to the coach who will give you your copy at the session where you are going to discuss the feedback. No copy goes to your organisation.

Please note that when Sandler Consulting coaches are working with more than one client from a single business, the coaches do often feed back - on an entirely anonymous and general basis - any common themes that arise from the coaching work that it will be helpful for the client organisation to know about. The confidentiality of the individual client is protected at all times.

Does Sandler Consulting adhere to a code of ethics?

We are committed to the code of ethical behaviour laid down by the Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS). See or ask us for a copy.

If you would like to find out more

If you like the sound of what you have seen on our website and would like more information, or to talk through your coaching needs, please contact us by telephone or email.

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