Sandler Consulting Specialists in executive coaching
    • The Sandler team's success in the coaching of our executives is based on its practical and pragmatic approach, supported by exceptional psychological expertise.
    • Director of Organisational Development
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Executive Coaching

  • This is our specialist area and one in which we aim to set the 'gold standard'. Our track record of success goes back over many years while our passion for this work remains fresh.
  • At the heart of the individual coaching experience is a series of confidential, one-to-one sessions with a specialist in the human dimension of workplace life. Each Sandler Consulting coach is a highly-skilled and experienced professional whose aim is to help the client succeed. Together they engage on a joint process of exploration and problem-solving, designed to make a rapid and significant difference to the client's performance at work.
  • Sandler Consulting coaches work with clients to generate a rapid improvement in 'emotional intelligence' - the capacity to understand oneself and others, to manage one's feelings and behaviour skilfully and to build powerful and effective relationships at work.
  • We help clients look below the surface of their own behaviour, make links between current work issues and previous experiences, explore their 'default' patterns of interaction and so access new ways of thinking and acting.
  • We also encourage the client to take a systemic view of their situation and learn to perceive the 'hidden' dynamics that exist within the culture and functioning of their organisation.
  • The coaching journey will be different for each individual but, without exception, our coaches aim to ensure that the insight the client gains is converted to practical strategies in the workplace. The coach's role is to support and challenge the client during this process.
  • For an indication of the ways in which leaders use executive coaching to develop, see Typical Coaching Goals.

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